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"Worthless Games" Transcription: "Jakera yūgi" (Japanese: 邪気乱遊戯) is the second episode of Canaan. It debuted on July 11, 2009 in Japan.


Liang Qi and Cummings lead an airborne attack against the CIA SAD convoy consisting of air-to-surface-missiles and GPMG gunfire in order to free Alphard from their custody. Minoru, in a flashback, remembers that his superiors requested him to train Maria in order to become a professional photographer after surviving the events in Shibuya. While eating dinner in Shanghai, Maria and Minoru are targeted by an unknown old man who resembled the official Minoru saw on television en route to the city. Canaan arrives on the scene to save the two reporters from the Mini-Uzi-wielding man, before she was targeted for death by the man himself. He then dies by electrocution. The two reporters were later kicked out of their hotel room due to the mess created by unknown men. Minoru later contemplated about the mysterious T-shaped purple mark he saw from the old man and a corpse found from the festival he visited a day earlier.

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