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"Flowers of the Past" Transcription: "Kisetsu ressha" (Japanese: 忌殺劣者) is the twelfth episode of Canaan. It debuted on September 19, 2009 in Japan.


The group is in low spirits in the wake of Hakko and Santana's deaths. Maria, troubled by Canaan's despair, tries to cheer her up, with limited success, and she notices how depressing Canaan looks in the picture she took of Canaan in the previous episode. The next morning, they find themselves stranded when their car breaks down. Minoru volunteers to stay behind to take care of the car while the girls take a train back to Shanghai. However, the train is stopped in a supposed inspection. While Canaan leaves to investigate after hearing gunshots, she is struck by a hallucination of Siam, who tells her to see the truth with her own eyes, while a vision of Hakko blames her for everybody's deaths. Meanwhile, Alphard strolls into the same cabin as Maria and Yunyun while the train was covertly hijacked by Daedala contractors. She convinces Maria to assist her in a decisive match with Canaan, which Maria complies by taking Alphard's picture. Alphard shoots Maria and locks her and Yunyun in a car rigged with a bomb in an effort to get Canaan to fight at her full power. As Canaan and Alphard fight, Alphard continually taunts Canaan by saying she is the reason for Siam's death. Maria, not wanting Canaan to be burdened by her, has Yunyun detach her train car as the bomb counts down.

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