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"The Promised Land" Transcription: "Kibō no chi" (Japanese: キボウノチ) is the thirteenth and final episode of Canaan. It debuted on September 26, 2009 in Japan.


As the bomb counts down, Yunyun has second thoughts and runs after the detached carriage to save Maria. The bomb eventually explodes and Canaan reacts, as what presumably is her "true strength" becomes apparent, slowly being able to overpower Alphard. Despite some assistance from the remnants of Alphard's Daedala forces, Canaan was able to defeat her without relying on the attempted bombing on Maria in the Daedala-hijacked train. Canaan tries to save Alphard after she trips and falls down from the top of the train carriage, but Alphard instead opts to free herself from Siam's influence and chooses to amputate her left arm by using Canaan's pistol. Maria wakes up in a hospital and sees Minoru, with whom she discusses her ties with Canaan. Canaan contemplates her friendship with Maria. Maria and Minoru are set to leave Shanghai. Minoru, once again, fails to find a good story, since he decides to keep the story of Canaan out, and he wonders about getting a new job. Maria thinks more on her part in this story as most of the cast go about their separate ways. Some time later, in Bologna, Canaan receives a new assignment, that being to find and kill a woman missing one arm.

Featured Characters[]


  • Several characters from the 428 game make a cameo appearance. Junichi Yanagishita, Chiaki Iso, and Teruo Toyama are shown attending the gallery of photographs Maria took. Maria's twin sister Hitomi makes a vocal cameo via a phone call with Minorikawa. In the Japanese version, Narumi Konno reprises the role of Hitomi for this cameo, having played both Osawa twins in the live action scenes of the game.