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"Flowers of the Past" Transcription: "Shīsō" (Japanese: 彼女添) is the eleventh episode of Canaan. It debuted on September 12, 2009 in Japan.


Alphard enters the flower gardens and stops Natsume. Alphard then threatens Maria and Yunyun to leave; they reluctantly obey, and go to meet up with Canaan. Alphard and Natsume are now alone, and it is revealed that Natsume is a secret agent for the Japanese Defense Intelligence Headquarters and was actually trying to obtain data related to the Ua virus. Canaan wakes up Minoru, who had been injured during his attempt to calm Hakko down. They meet up with Maria and Yunyun, who ask where Hakko and Santana is. Canaan decides to go back to the factory one more time, promising to find Hakko. Back in the Factory, Liang Qi grows increasingly unstable as Alphard and Cummings try to deal with her, and ultimately has to be killed after she takes a dose of the Ua virus in a mad bid for Alphard's attention with horrific results due to her not having the necessary genetics for synaesthesia. Meanwhile, a covert American task force known as Task Force 124 is deployed from Afghanistan, with orders to take down the Factory. While the bombers are on their way, Canaan fights off the advance of Delta Force operators already in the Factory while the PLA was deployed to the Factory. She finds a depressed Hakko and a dead Santana, and Hakko tells her to leave her behind and take the medicine she found for Yunyun. Canaan returns to her friends to safely retreat as the factory collapses with Hakko inside. As they mourn Hakko and Santana's deaths, Maria requests to take Canaan's picture, who solemnly replies.

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