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Maria Osawa

Canaan maria

Status Alive
Gender Female
Operating Japan (Currently)
Country of Origin Japan
Weapons None
Affiliation Freelance
Occupation Freelance Photographer
  • Mino
  • Canaan
  • Yunyun
Family Kenji Osawa (Father)
Voice Actors
  • Hillary Haag (English)
  • Yoshino Nanjo (Japanese)
Manga Debut Episode 1
Anime Debut Chapter 1

Maria is one of the central characters of the central characters of the series.


two years before the events of 428. Maria was sent to look the Middle East the cover something. She then abducted by Snake, a terrorist organization and injected with a virus called Ua. Her father, Kenji Osawa, creates an antivirus to Ua and distributes it to the terrorists. They give it to Maria and send her back to Japan. Before leaving she meets with a girl named Canaan.

During the AnimeEdit

Maria is sent to Japan with a man named Minoru Minorikawa to Shanghi to cover the World Summit. On the first night in Shanghi she meets with Canaan for a second time, and is taken into this massive world of shooting, killing, and borners.