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Liang Qi (リャン・チー, Ryan Chī) is the antagonist of the series. She is one of Alphard Al Sheya's top lieutenants who affectionately refers to Alphard as an elder sister, she was hinted to have been with Alphard ever since Alphard and Siam had gone their separate ways.


Liang Qi has shoulder length black hair and bangs across her forehead. She wears a purple cheongsam like dress that goes to her thighs and has long sleeves. She has some sort of accessory on her neck. Liang also has brown eyes.


Liang Qi appears to be a calm and even-tempered woman, but she is in fact unwavering and merciless who is very much obsessed with admiring and idolizing Alphard Al Sheya to the point of being in love with her that she will destroy anything that comes between her and her "sister."

To her frustration, however, Alphard does not reciprocate and instead ignores or even proceeds to ridicule her from time to time. Her obsession with Alphard leads her into a mad desire to kill Canaan, believing that Alphard will then pay more attention to her. Halfway through the series, she eventually does lose her calm demeanor and acts irrationally, resulting to her death at the hands of Cummings, a man she supposedly worked as secretary for, and Alphard herself.


One of Alphard Al Sheya's top lieutenants who affectionately refers to Alphard as an elder sister, she has hinted to have been with Alphard ever since she and Siam had gone their separate ways. Liang Qi has been through many missions with Alphard, all the while becoming closer to her. Alphard goes into hiding, making Liang Qi write her a note saying it was from Siam to get her back. Her plan backfires when Alphard discovers it was Liang Qi who sent the note, and is about to kill her when she says for Cummings to kill her instead.


Skills and Abilities[]

Emotional Manipulation[]

The rare moments of calmness and not obsessing over Alphard from Liang shows she has skills in emotionally manipulating others and plans in case it doesn't work as well as guesses her enemy's actions pretty accurately, best shown in the interaction between her and Hakko in episode 10. She first tried to emotionally "sympathize" with Hakko to get her to go after Canaan; when that failed and Hakko tried to use her abilities to harm Liang, she revealed that she had Hakko on mute knowing she would attempt to ruin her hearing, and then placed the man Hakko loved into her seat and then turned the chair around so the back would face Hakko who Liang knew would try to find the room and immediately use her voice against Liang, leading to Hakko unintentionally hurting Santana and at his request killing him, turning Hakko insane and going after Canaan just as Liang Qi wished.


Liang used several guns and knives at her disposal with ease, showing training in defense.


Alphard Al Sheya[]

Liang Qi refers to Alphard as "sister" and she has an obsessive, unrequited love for her that eventually leads to her downfall, as Liang Qi ends up extremely deranged and by the end of the show taking an untested drug just because she thought it'd bring Alphard's attention to her despite Alphard trying to kill her just hours before, the effects of the experimental drug as well as Liang going insane over realizing the drug made her look like Canaan who she despised being the final thing that makes Cummings put her out of her misery.


Liang Qi saw Cummings as an annoying pest and often shot fake bullets at him whenever she was stressed out or he said something she didn't like. Despite that, Cummings greatly respected Liang Qi and worried much for her safety, going as far as to threaten to shoot Alphard when she attempted to kill Liang Qi in episode 9 and then ordered Cummings to do it instead. Cummings ends up unfortunately for him having to kill Liang later when she becomes insane and physically unwell by the untested drug she took despite his warnings of her not to take it.


Liang despised Canaan because of how much time and effort Alphard focused on her, Liang not realizing that even if Canaan didn't exist there would never be a chance for Alphard to reciprocate any romantic feelings for the Chinese lieutenant. As the show goes on her dislike of Canaan becomes full on hatred to the highest extremes, with Liang Qi going as far as to try to shoot her down in a helicopter. In an ironic twist of fate, Liang Qi ends up losing her mind for good when she realizes the experimental drug she took towards the end of the series makes her look like Canaan. Liang died believing Cummings shot Canaan, not realizing what she thought was Canaan was instead Liang herself in a mirror reflection.



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