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Hakko (ハッコー, Hakko) is a Borner with the ability to inflict brain damage with her voice (which can be fatal if wholly unleashed).


Hakko has slightly wavy waist-length mint-green hair that is clipped back where there are two chest-length hair hanging on either side with bangs swept to the right side, lime-green eyes, full pink lips and a rather large chest.

She is seen wearing a long sleeve white shirt that shows off half her chest, a long dark-green skirt that has a single bow on the right side, dangling red earrings and brown strap sandals.


Hakko is usually seen behaving childlike.



Skills and Abilities[]



Hakko works as a cosplay waitress in Santana's bar as well as his assistant, having since developed feelings for him. Unfortunately, since she is unable to speak out without hurting him, he remains under the impression that Hakko has never forgiven him for his role in the destruction of her home village where she accompanies the protagonists on a goal to liberate a factory used for creating Snakes subordinates.

In Episode 10, she is tricked by Liang Qi into killing Santana with her voice, causing Hakko to become depressed that she begins crying and her voice echoes so loudly throughout the factory that it causes everyone to cover their ears. Later, she drags his body in the hallway with her eyes empty and begins repeating "I love you." When she sees Minoru Minorikawa and Canaan, Hakko points a gun at them and begins shooting.

Near the end of Episode 11, she is seen naked in bed with a dying Sanatana where she confesses her love to him and remains with his corpse as the factory collapses.



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