Kanji Name カナン
Romaji Name Kanan
Gender Female
Operating Shanghai
  • Beretta Px4 Type G
  • Synesthesia
  • Siam
  • Maria Oosawa
Seiyū Sawashiro, Miyuki
Voice Actors
  • Calene-Black, Shelley (English)
  • Kaufmann, Julia (Germany)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Canaan (カナン Kanan) is the main protagonist of the series. She is a mercenary currently operating in Shanghai.


She was known as the only survivor when her village had been destroyed in a war in the Middle East. She was found by Siam and gave her the name Canaan. Siam trained her and acted like a father-figure to her in some ways, thus earning her respect and love. When he was murdered, she claimed to have "lost her light".


Canaan has short white-blonde hair that was originally black that she wears down but at the end she starts to wear it up in a ponytail like Alphard's. She is in her mid to late teens and has a slim muscular figure. Canaan normally wears a sleevless red shirt, tan khakki pants, combat boots, and a red layered wrapping on her left arm to hide her tattoo but at the end of the series she wears a different wardrobe consisting of a gray shirt blue bead necklace and green jacket.